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Anger Management
Emotional Processing

Anger is common emotion that has been known to divide nations, destroy families and terminate relationships.  Although it is a familar sentiment, there is little understanding that anger is a SECONDARY emotion that only serves to mask one’s true feelings; it is "go to" guise that allows people to temporarily avoid identifying and getting in touch with the primary emotion that is impacting their core. 

When people are angry they are more apt to be self centered in their emotions and are unable to consider others feelings or the long term implications of their angry. 

“Turn Down for What?” an angry person might ask. When feeling that they were wronged, lashing out may feel cathartic, purposeful and in some ways rewarding. “Why should I dial my anger down?”.

Knowing the affection that teens and young adults have with the hip hop genre, using this metaphor with a splash of psychology has proven to be a viable platform to help clients process their emotions and to make counseling services palatable to populations that would otherwise opt out.

Dr. Vangie Akridge has developed an emotional processing model (TDDFW - Turn the Dial Down for What/for Who) using the tenets of Hip Hop culture and Urban Slang to support the healthy and safe development of problem solving, conflict resolution, anger management and overall emotional regulation.

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When people are angry, it is plausible that they feel justified in their anger.


Turning down your emotions simply gives you the emotional sustenance lets you process your emotions, communicate and problem solve effectively.  


Anger is NOT rational; it impairs clear thinking and decision making. 

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