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Educational Support Services

We recognize that securing the appropriate services for your child can be an emotional journey.  It is for this reason that we strive to deliver professional services that yield positive results for both students and families.  Understanding that every student's / every family's needs are different, we offer a continuum of supports. 

These supports include but are not limited to the following:

  • FREE Initial Consultation

  • Ongoing Consultation

  • Distance Consultation

  • Records Review

  • Educational 2nd Opinions 

  • Suspensions / Expulsions

  • Student Athletes - Eligibility and Concussions 

  • Educational Planning

  • School Meeting Attendance

  • Documentation for College Entrance Exams

  • Advocacy

Community Based Individualized Academic Support
Open Heart Leaders, a Metro Educational Consulting collaborative partner, has established an innovative approach to learning recovery by establishing a community based multidisciplinary educational support team that is available to support the learning needs of your K-12 students.

Academic case management, academic instruction, counselling and academic screening (as needed) are provided based on each student’s unique needs.

If you believe your student can benefit from this type of support please email Open Heart Leaders at

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