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Dr. Vangie Akridge
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Independent Educational Evaluations


As an agency, we are well versed in psychoeducational assessments and identifying learning disabilities and academic potential. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive multidisciplinary assessments that provide a wealth of knowledge regarding your student's cognitive processing skills and academic strengths and weaknesses.

The areas that we assess include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cognitive, Intellectual Functioning

  • Academic Functioning

  • Visual Processing

  • Auditory Processing

  • Memory and Learning

  • Attention / Executive Functioning

  • Adaptive Functioning

  • Social Emotional Functioning


Our team is equipped to conduct the following evaluations:

  • Psycho-educational Evaluations

  • Academic Evaluations

  • Educationally Related Mental Health Services Evaluations

  • School Neuropsychology Evaluations


Dr. Vangie serves all of San Diego County and is available for evaluations throughout the state of California. Dr. Vangie is available for in person evaluations, on site evaluations and virtual evaluations.

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